Vita Coco coconut oil

Hey lovelies!

Do you have a multi use product that you are obsessed with!

I do and its Coconut Oil…

FullSizeRender (41).jpg

This stuff right here is my holy grail!

As a busy mum I love a product I can use for several different things, Some of the positives to using this product is it’s all natural, cold pressed, extra virgin and organic which makes it perfect to use on sensitive skin, babies and vegans!

i use this amazing stuff for a lot of different things in my household and swear by it!

My uses;

  • once a week deep hair conditioner.
  • skin moisturiser for face and body, mild eczema, cracked heels
  • makeup remover
  • dental oil pulling
  • conditions lashes and cuticles
  • shaving
  • cooking & adding to food

Hair conditioning Method

Disclaimer: These methods of conditioning the hair I have found helpful for me and my family, depending on your individual hair type feel free to tweak and play around with the method and/or ratios to suit your own needs.

Depending on how dry your hair is and what hair type you have, these are your options…

Deep conditioner

To deep condition the scalp and lengths of hair I recommend that you massage about a table spoon amount of coconut oil all over dry hair and wrap either in a headscarf or shower cap to protect your pillows and leave in overnight,

wash out the next day, conditioner is optional (although I skip this as the coconut oil is enough for my hair type) this method also works for dandruff too!

Everyday conditioning

Apply the coconut oil to just the lengths & ends of the hair leave in for about and hour then wash out and style.

Spray in conditioner

This method I would recommend for more curly or afro hair types as it can make straight hair appear greasy.

mix a table spoon of coconut oil with warm water in a spray bottle say about 2:1 ratio and use it so revive curls or condition ends when styling, I use this method for my daughters curly hair, using the coconut oil this way you can get a build up of product so I recommend either using a good clarifying shampoo.


Since using this to cleanse and moisturise my skin I have noticed a positive change in not only the overall feel of my skin but the appearance too, although it’s an oil I have had less blemishes and the tone of my skin is evening out.

Removing my make up is so easy it takes stubborn eye make up and liquid lipsticks off in a snap including waterproof mascaras too! Leaving my skin feeling clean and moisturised and not have that dry tightness you can get with other cleansers and toners, you can do this by warming the oil in your hands massaging it onto the face and removing the makeup and oil with dry large cotton pads.

You can find this product at Holland & Barrett, 500ml £11.99



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This is just a short introduction of myself and what I do, I am a Qualified Beauty Therapist & Nail Technician, I have worked in the beauty industry for around 8 years and have a absolute passion for anything Beauty industry related! I have worked with numerous makeup & skincare brands such as Benefit cosmetics, Clarins, Vichy, Avene, Darphin and La Prairie to name just a few! I feel that having gained some experience in these areas I have picked up lots of beauty tips, tricks & advice along the way which I want to share With you! Please follow me on Instagram @50shadesofjadebeauty & my Twitter @jdahmarie & keep and eye out for my upcoming YouTube channel... Smooches & Deuces xo
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