Eyebrows On Fleek


Hey guys,

Nowadays eyebrows are very important! they can completely change and complete a face and make up look.

I would like to share with you the two kits that I swear by to create the perfect brows…

I tint my brows around every 6 weeks to keep them looking tidy and defined, the product I recommend and use is Eylure Pro-brow dye kit it comes in the shades brown, dark brown & black which is the shade I use.

FullSizeRender (46)

Inside the Eylure kit you get;

  • 1 x applicator
  • 1 x mascara wand
  • 1 x 5ml colour cream tube
  • 1 x 10ml activator bottle
  • mixing pallet
  • instruction booklet


As you may know just like a Hair dye you need to carry out a test patch at least 48 hours prior to application… please do not think that a reaction wont happen to you it can happen to anybody even if you have used or been using the product before! this product is also not suitable for any persons under the age of 16.

Being near your eyes it can be very dangerous so please do not use on the eyelashes and follow the guidelines and instructions.


Before you use the product providing the test patch gave the all clear ensure you cleanse the brows well before the application of the tint.

Do not use if you have tweezed, waxed or threaded the brows in the last 24 hours, this can cause the area to become inflamed and sting as your pores will be open.

To stop tint staining the skin surrounding the brow area you can apply a thin layer of Vaseline around them.

When you have cleansed the tint off, you will find that along with the eyebrow hair the skin has also been tinted, this will fade when you cleanse your skin further so don’t worry!

There is ALWAYS one brow better than the other for almost everybody try not to get frustrated if your eyebrows aren’t exactly the same… your brows are sisters not twins! hehe

My Results




FullSizeRender (2)

These pictures were taken before and immediately after the tint, results are as strong or subtle as you like depending on he length of time you leave it on to develop, please excuse the fact that there is excess tint staining left on my brow, I put makeup on them to enhance the shape so didn’t want them too dark.

Sleek Brow Kit

FullSizeRender (51).jpg


Although my brows are black I have sparse inner areas I like to fill so they look tidy and defined but still natural. In my opinion I’m not too keen on overdrawn brows especially because they are black it would be far too harsh on my face, but for those that like that look and suit it that’s fine each to they’re own!

I love this product because its a great dupe for Benefits brow zings, which I used to use when I was a brunette and worked as a ‘benebabe’ (benefit MUA) unfortunately I cannot use brow zings anymore because they do not do black and the dark brown isn’t dark enough for me.

you also cannot go wrong with sleeks brow kit at a fraction of the price of brow zings it comes in the shades light, dark, extra dark & black & includes the same little extras such as

  • mini tweezers
  • mini slanted brush
  • mini rounded brush
  • brow wax
  • brow powder

This all comes in a cute neat compact with a mirror for on the go!

Finished brows

FullSizeRender (6)


Both these products can be found at Superdrug

Sleek brow kit £8.50

Eylure Pro-brow £7.49





About 50shadesofjadebeauty

This is just a short introduction of myself and what I do, I am a Qualified Beauty Therapist & Nail Technician, I have worked in the beauty industry for around 8 years and have a absolute passion for anything Beauty industry related! I have worked with numerous makeup & skincare brands such as Benefit cosmetics, Clarins, Vichy, Avene, Darphin and La Prairie to name just a few! I feel that having gained some experience in these areas I have picked up lots of beauty tips, tricks & advice along the way which I want to share With you! Please follow me on Instagram @50shadesofjadebeauty & my Twitter @jdahmarie & keep and eye out for my upcoming YouTube channel... Smooches & Deuces xo
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