Spring Hair Removal Tool

Hey guys,

Removing all traces of unwanted hair is a big thing for us ladies (and men) we spend a lot of money on different hair removal procedures all the time whether it be waxing, tweezing, threading, epilating or the more costly laser method.

I usually use a combination of tweezing and threading on my face, I stopped waxing a few years back because I found it wasn’t effective for me anymore and was a bit harsh on the skin in my opinion, I don’t like any unnecessary hair on my face and I’m pretty OCD about it I’m not an overly hairy person but waiting for the hair to be a certain length to wax was just a long, boring and drawn out process for me so I learnt how to thread and haven’t looked back!

Then…I came across this method by accident actually, I was on trusty YouTube and saw it being demonstrated and thought why not?

FullSizeRender (34)

This contraption is a hair removal Spring it is approximately 30cm long and has a two little handles to hold on to, you use it by bending the spring almost in half and rolling it towards you, it acts almost like threading or epilating by pulling the hairs out in one go, it is quite painful but as I’m used to threading it didn’t bother me too much so if you’re pain threshold is low I would do a test patch first! I would imagine the more you use this the less painful it would get.

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My Review

I was really excited to try this product and was quickly disappointed, originally I thought I might be using it wrong but after constant trying and referring to YouTube for guidance I felt that it wasn’t doing much for me, it just was not catching any hairs at all apart from the odd ones, I’m thinking my hairs are not long enough for the tool to catch them (even though this tool claims to catch even the shortest hairs) so again I am faced with the same dilemma that waxing used to give me hence my disappointment.

Now I’m not claiming this tool is completely useless it just didn’t work for me there are many YouTube reviews that rave about this hair removal tool and how it was really effective for them, this is just my personal opinion about it, each individuals hair type may be different too.

On a positive note it cost next to nothing so my bank balance is unharmed hehe!  I purchased this on Aliexpress for £2.78 for 2 springs with free p&p to purchase click here

So my conclusion to this review is that I will stick to threading as its the most effective method for me and costs nothing!

Why not try it for yourself? let me know if this tool works for you, or you currently use it yourself, I would love to know!

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5 Responses to Spring Hair Removal Tool

  1. Amel says:

    Hi hon, I nominated you for the lieebster award 🙂


  2. Fashionably Meek says:

    Wow, I’d never seen this before lol! Great review!



  3. Farhana L says:

    I’ve finally decided to check out your blog after seeing it on Insta, and it’s really good! I’ve used this hair removal tool before, but I’m not a fan… Prefer threading and waxing 😂 The blog looks great x

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