My Wunderbrow Experience

Hey Lovelies,

I’ve been seeing this product all over the net recently with models and Instagram personalities giving it great reviews so I thought I’d give it a try!

The product is called wunderbrow it’s a 1 step brow gel with permafix technology that allows the brows to stay looking fab for days! ( I know amazing right?!)

wunderbrow flatlay

This completely safe 1 step solution fixes your eyebrow shape, sparse eyebrows and hair loss, the exclusive permafix technology and hair fiber complex creates the look of perfectly groomed brows in less than 2 minutes and lasts until you decide to remove it! it contains specially treated pigments designed to fasten to the skin locking the natural colour to the skin making it budge proof for days!

In the box

  • Wunderbrow brow gel
  • spoolie (mascara wand)
  • instruction booklet

wb fl

wb fl3

Application Method

Step one- Ensure that the brow area is cleansed thoroughly of all make up and impurities using an oil free cleanser for the best, long lasting results, do not use any moisturiser or creams at this stage.

Step 2- start by using wunderbrow to fill in the sparse areas on the brow, you can use the applicator brush in the tube or as I like to do a clean angled eye brow brush for a really accurate application, use short feathery strokes in the direction of hair growth just how the hairs on a brow would naturally look, start with the problematic or sparse areas first or you can just apply over the entire brow for a more define bold brow. Experiment to see what looks best, its better to build it up little by little, you can also layer it for a deeper colour.

Step 3-  Once you have desired you perfect shape soften and distribute the colour by grooming the brow upwards with the spoolie (mascara wand) included, this should be done whilst the brows are still wet so work as quickly as you can if you need more product you can reapply and brush out with the wand… wait a few minutes and TA DAHH! perfect smudge proof brows until you remove them!

The great thing about this product is that its waterproof! you can swim, bathe and rub the area without it budging! so this is ideal for holidays in the sun where you can feel confident that your brows will always be on fleek! hehe.


To remove Wunderbrow you can use Wunder cleanse which you can also buy from the website or here however I remove mine with coconut oil.


If you find this product is not staying put for you, it could be down to the pre cleansing stage, please ensure you are cleansing the area thoroughly and using an oil free cleanser or toner.

Correct brow placement tips…

For correct brow placement tailored to your unique face shape you should follow these tips…

  • Place a cosmetic brush or pencil to the outer edge of your nostril and match the inner corner of your eye to determine where your eyebrow should begin.
  • Now match the nostril to the very centre of the eye to determine where your arch should be.
  • lastly match the nostril to the corner of the eye to see where your brow should end.


My Results

FullSizeRender (65)

Before Wunderbrow

FullSizeRender (64)

After Wunderbrow


For a tutorial on how to use this product please copy and paste this link or check out my YouTube channel link on the top right hand corner of my website.

This is results I got with wunderbrow, (please excuse the dark circles I was only wearing mascara!) as I explained in the previous post eye brows on fleek my brows are sparse on the inner part which is the one area I want them to look fuller so I paid extra attention to that area. I went with the shade brown/black which is the darkest shade available, I can build on the depth of the colour depending on what look I desire.
I give this product a Thumbs up, its great for cutting down time on makeup application as its one less product to apply, its also great for those days I don’t want to wear make up at all but still want great natural looking brows. The only down side to using this product is that it can slightly wear away in certain areas whilst sleeping (awkward sleeper unfortunately!) for me it was the inner areas where I have less hair for the product to adhere to, this is not any fault of the product just my awkward brows so they needed a lil sharpening and touching up after my morning cleansing routine, but apart from that great! Another great bonus is its Risk free, No questions asked money back guarantee and fast & free p&p

You can purchase this product on or click here

I hope this post was helpful! Have you used this product before or any other product from the Wunder range? I’d love to know!

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