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Since turning 29 I’ve become really aware of my skin and looking after it a lot more carefully, at this point in my life I’m all aware that looking after your skin health is vital and I’m all about getting the most out of it both with or without make up, so now although late is the time to start using anti aging skincare…I have used many Eye creams in the past when I was much younger working with numerous beauty brands, I’ve tried a few high end eye creams such as La Prairie, Darphin and Clarins to name a few which were all great but now I’m older I wanted to find an Eye cream that didn’t break the bank but delivered results and I may have found one!

This amazing Eye cream is by one of my favourite skincare brands Soap & Glory, ive raved about S&G in another post Smoothly does it please feel free to check it out.

The product is called Make yourself youthful rejuvenating eye cream by Soap & Glory.

s&g fl


Its early days yet but I’ve been using this eye cream for a little over two weeks applying it twice a day and I’m really pleased with the results so far, I have started to notice that my eye area seems less dehydrated and make up is going on a lot smoother and not creasing, I don’t really have wrinkles around my eye area as of yet but I’m hoping to slow down this process, my dark circles although hereditary are less prominent due to the eye brightening effect which is a result for me because it means less concealer!

This eye cream is for all skin types, dermatologically tested and clinically proven, they call it an eye cream so powerful it’s like ‘face yoga’ in a jar, its also oxygen boosting, under eye-brightening and contains cool cucumber juice to refresh it’s an all-point attack on fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, pigmentation and tired eyes.

So far I’m impressed like I am which all of the Soap & Glory products I’ve tried, I am quite happy to make this eye cream apart of my daily skincare routine and continue to use it twice a day and I am looking forward to seeing more results.

I purchased this from Boots for £14.00, at the moment it’s only £9.33 for only a short time so don’t miss out! For more information or to purchase click here

What eye creams do you guys use? Do you have any recommendations that aren’t overly expensive? I’d love to know!

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This is just a short introduction of myself and what I do, I am a Qualified Beauty Therapist & Nail Technician, I have worked in the beauty industry for around 8 years and have a absolute passion for anything Beauty industry related! I have worked with numerous makeup & skincare brands such as Benefit cosmetics, Clarins, Vichy, Avene, Darphin and La Prairie to name just a few! I feel that having gained some experience in these areas I have picked up lots of beauty tips, tricks & advice along the way which I want to share With you! Please follow me on Instagram @50shadesofjadebeauty & my Twitter @jdahmarie & keep and eye out for my upcoming YouTube channel... Smooches & Deuces xo
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3 Responses to Make Yourself Youthful

  1. Thao Hoang says:

    Great! i usually work on the computer so i also have the dark circle. i’ll have to try this product. i hope it’ll works well on my eyes 😀 love your sharing. Can you show me how much is it?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Hun! I’m
      So sorry I usually put that information on the post I was having problems with my laptop whilst posting, but I’ve updated it now the eye cream
      Is usually £14 but is reduced to £9.33 presently so definately worth checking out! Thanks for reading if appreciate if you would follow me if you don’t already for more posts like this 🙂


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