Springtime Skincare

Hey Loves,

The sun has come out to play! Yaay!

Here in London the sun has come out this week which is fab I hope you’re all enjoying this lovely weather if your lucky enough to have had it too!

As of late I have been really focusing on complexion and achieving great skin under make up, because let’s face it We don’t want to always rely on make up to feel confident!

So today I want to talk about springtime skincare with you guys and how your skin can change throughout the seasons and adjustments that can be made to your skincare routines to benefit the skin I will also advise precautions to take and tips you get the most out of you’re skin and most importantly GLOW!

Once the frost starts to melt and the sun and dafoldils start to make an appearance it’s time to start thinking about possibly preparing the skin for the weather to come.

Now I’m not saying you need to get the sunscreen and sun hats out just yet!

For some people their skin changes like the seasons and they need to adjust their routines to cater to it… Throughout my beauty and skincare experience I have always said that your skin will usually tell you if something is wrong, if it doesn’t like something or requires something, whether it be a reaction to a product or a period of dryness there’s always an explanation!


As you may or may not be aware you must always wear sun protection whether it is within your moisturiser or makeup it’s is vital to prevent sun damage, this does not matter whether the weather is warm or cold, UVA & UVB rays are active all the time, apart from lifestyle Sun damage is one of the main causes of aging and not to mention the dreaded skin cancers.

What are UVA & UVB Rays?

Without getting too technical,  for those who may not know the difference I would like to briefly break it down for you…

UVA- Ultraviolet radiation. Invisible rays that are part of the energy that comes from the sun, can burn the skin, and can cause skin cancer.

UVB- radiation that is in the region of the ultraviolet spectrum and is primarily responsible for sunburn, aging of the skin, and the development of skin cancer.

Wear protection guys! No matter what your ethnicity or skin tone, just because you don’t burn doesn’t mean damage isn’t being done I cannot stress this enough! Wearing a sunscreen does not mean you won’t tan either you can still get a nice tan and not burn depending on your skin tone (fairer skinned people need to be extra careful)

In the winter a minimum SPF of 20-30 is recommended to protect the skin from both UVA & UVB Rays.

In the spring/summer an SPF 30 for spring and SPF 50 is required in summer.


Water, Water, water!

Water intake is vital for good skin, it can help flush out toxins promoting clear skin, plump the skin up and smooth and soften dehydration lines and dark circles and give you that glow we all want!

Around two litres of water is required a day to replace the fluids we lose and keep the body running smoothly and skin looking great! Pay in mind that certain foods are also apart of this intake too, So don’t feel overwhelmed by the guidelines!

Springtime skincare

I would say the key skincare products in spring and onwards are:

  • SPF
  • Moisturiser which caters to your skin type
  • Eye cream
  • Face mask
  • Facial scrub

(This excludes cleansers)

An SPF can be within a moisturiser or tinted moisturiser, nowadays there are plenty of options on the market now even most foundations contain SPF’s

A moisturiser around springtime should be lightweight unless your suffer with dry skin which requires a thicker consistency. Fluids are great for this time of year, I swear by my Nars tinted moisturiser it’s my all year round holy grail product!

Scrubs and masks

Again this should cater to your skin type or what you want to target, this can be anti-aging, deep cleansing or hydrating whatever you want to achieve

A scrub should be used once or twice a week max if your suffer with dry skin.

I have a few faves but I love the Glam Glow or DIY Turmeric Mask, feel free to check out my post about those.

So there you have it my Tips on springtime skincare I hope you’ve found this useful, What do you guys use? Do you have any tips of your own?

Thank you for reading this post and please follow for more posts like this…

Any Questions feel free to ask in the comment box below.

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