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Whether your about to jet off into paradise or holiday blues have hit you hard a tan always makes things better, I love the healthy, glowing look you get when you’re on holiday so today’s post is about prolonging the tan you have or getting that holiday pre glow!

To say I’m a little obsessed with maintaining or prolonging my tan lately is an understatement!

So with that being said I thought I’d write up a post about it all and my go to products to achieve and maintain that glow life…

Todays post is about St Tropez Gradual tan in shower in golden glow medium and Lancaster Tan Maximizer.



St Tropez Gradual tan in shower In medium

I love this stuff!

I recieved this as a 50 ml free gift when I ordered another item from Boots. I loved it so much I purchased the full size which is 200ml, I’m not a fake tan user because being of a mixed raced decent and having an olive skin tone I feel there’s not much point but I have to say I’m impressed as this gives a lovely sunkissed glow, perfect for fair skins if you’re about to jet off or like a healthy bronzed look all year round.


With my skin currently being quite tanned but steadily fading (sob sob!) I’ve noticed a nice colour building up on my skin tone, I’m finding this product perfect at prolonging my tan and it works gradually so shower with it everyday for the best bronzed results, if you’re fair skinned try the light shade or use it only a few times a week, It also doesn’t transfer onto clothes, bed sheets and towels so that’s a major bonus.

This product foamed nicely and I loved the soapy smell! With it being a self tan I thought it wouldn’t smell great, I’ve heard a lot of fake tanners making people smell like biscuits hehe and who wants to smell like a hob nob right?!

I didn’t have any problem with streaking at all it seems pretty even once its applied in shower and its so easy! Simply massage into the skin in circular motions until foamy and leave there for 3 mins then wash off and pat dry. Easy peasy…

Lancaster Tan Maximizer

I purchased this on the plane it caught my eye in the duty free mag, so I thought I’d give it a try as I will do anything to keep hold of a tan for longer! This was a dream to use, the smell the texture everything!


This soothing moisturiser and repairing aftersun is tan prolonging it can be used on both face and body and it is approximately a months supply

How it works & what they say

This claims to prolong your tan up to one month with its new generation tan Maximizer repairing and tan prolonging after Suns.

Reinforced tan activator complex (TAC) developed for a prolonged natural melanin release in the skin to boost the tan like you were still in the sun.

Ultra soothing and hydrating formula helps skins natural recovery process after sun exposure and reduce risk of peeling leaving skin supple and smooth.

Results: your tan is more intense, luminous, even.

My Results 

I really like this stuff the smell is gorgeous has a lovely gel/ creamy formula which is cooling and moisturising on the skin but not oily.

I did peel… but not a lot and not straight away, it was sort of a delayed, once I did peel my tan was surprisingly still intense, unlike other times I’ve peeled I would lose colour so it does work for that purpose and I’m impressed.

The only thing I wished is this product was a bigger size, it’s only a months supply at 125ml but I was expecting a bigger bottle for the price I paid, it did last me just over a month a little goes a long way but only because I used it sparingly and made sure I stretched it out.

I purchased the St Tropez Gradual tan in shower at Boots for more information or to purchase click here

I purchased the Lancaster Tan Maximizer whilst on board my return flight via duty free but you can purchase it on amazon here

So there you have it… These two products have kept me living that glow life, I really recommend them if your in to having and prolonging a lovely tan.

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