Beauty Blender Blunders


Hey Guys,

As you probably know, Beauty Blenders are an amazing tool when applying make up and I swear by mine…but did you know there are common mistakes that are made that can affect the finish of your make up and life span of your beauty blender too?

In this post I will be giving you facts and tips on how to get the most out of your sponge and give it a slightly longer life span.

beauty blender

So what makes the Beauty Blender so different to other make up sponges?

  • The unique tear drop/ egg shape allows you to target small and larger surface areas
  • 360 degrees of edgeless application allows you to create a flawless finish without any harsh lines or streaks the flat edged sponges can leave behind.
  • minimum amount of water retention meaning it only holds what is completely necessary for a seamless easy blending experience.
  • unique super soft material, ensures product sits on top of the sponge surface once used effectively will prevent product wastage
  • latex free.

Make up application

Most people use Beauty blenders to apply their base and although it states that rolling the foundation, bb cream etc into the skin is recommended I find that pressing the foundation into the skin instead makes easier to blend and provides a more flawless finish.

Dampen that sponge!

To get the most out of your sponge you must dampen it before use squeezing out any access water, this helps to create a seamless flawless finish blending the products into the skin with ease, using it dry will create a cakey appearance and your foundation will seap into the sponge causing product wastage.


Keep the little plastic container the beauty blender comes in! This will be a perfect stand to let your sponge sit in after use and prevent it picking up bacteria inside a make up bag or drawer, also wait until the sponge is completely dry and has shrunk back to its original size before placing into the container with the lid on to prevent mould or bacteria forming.

Don’t apply foundation directly onto sponge

Although I have watched this being done over and over on YouTube tutorials its not something I would recommend, applying the foundation to the back of the hand first and then distributing over the face with warm fingers and blending out with the beauty blender is a much effective way of making sure your base is even and not wasting any foundation.

Maintaining a Beauty Blender

Just how you would wash your brushes often to prevent Bacteria breeding, your sponge needs regular cleaning.

I wash mine every few days minimum once a week, you can purchase their branded cleanser or I use a gentle anti bacterial face wash, I then leave it to air dry on top of the container it comes with this will prolong the overall lifespan of your sponge.

So there you are ! Even though some of the tips seem quite obvious I hope this post helps anyone that’s a proud owner or a fan of the Beauty Blender or thinking about purchasing one, these are just tips and tricks I have found work for me, if you use your beauty blender differently and it works fine for you then continue to do so, Beauty Blenders don’t come cheap this post was simply how to get the most out of your blender and possibly prolong the life span of it.

So treat it carefully and happy blending!

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  1. shanlrxoblog says:

    I really want the beauty blender !!! 😭 don’t want to spend £16 on it !!!

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