Miracle Multi Use Oil

Hey Lovelies!

Today this post will be focused on a multi use oil, whether its used for face or body, oil can also be used for a number of different things such as dehydrated skin to stretch marks.

I’ve been a user and fan of Bio Oil for a few years now and I’ve recently discovered that it can be used for more that stretch marks and scars!

I’ve been seeing the trend of facial oils growing recently on social media and instead of purchasing an expensive facial oil I thought well why not try out my Bio Oil?

Having been on holiday this summer and the weather being fairly up and down my skin feels a little dehydrated so I thought I would give it a try and it’s worked out great!


Firstly let me tell you a little more about Bio Oil in general…

Bio Oil is generally known for dealing with stretch marks and helping to improve the appearance of scars but did you know that there are plenty of other qualities it also has?

Bio Oil can be used for other skin issues too including the face, I know using an oil can make some people think they can look and feel quite greasy but with bio oil being a thin consistency it soaks straight into the skin leaving it soft, supple and moisturised, it contains PurCellin Oil which reduces the thickness and consistency of the product meaning it can easily be absorbed into the skin, it also contains beneficial ingredients such as vitamins A & E and natural plant oils such as Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary and chamomile.

Benefits and How it can be used

Bio Oil tackles a few common issues if used regularly it can be used for;

  • Uneven skin tone – bio oil can help improve the appearance of pigmentation marks and blemishes caused by hormonal imbalances and excessive sun exposure, use it twice daily massaging into clean skin in circular motions for a minimum of 3 months.
  • Dehydrated skin – helps to regulate the skins natural oil balance which are stripped away from extreme weather conditions, frequent bathing, harsh cleansing and central heating/air conditioning. Apply bio oil after bathing, swimming, sun exposure or cold climates paying attention to drier areas.
  • Aging skin – helps smooth aged and wrinkled skin on both face and body, simply apply to clean skin twice daily massaging in circular motions with fingertips until fully absorbed into the skin.

How I use it

Just like I’ve described above I’ve been using it twice daily massaging into my skin straight after cleansing, if I’m applying it before my makeup I usually wait at least 10-15 mins before I apply my primer, a little oil goes a long way so use sparingly, I’ve also recently discovered by using a tiny amount for my lips once I’ve exfoliated them leaves them nicely prepped for liquid lipsticks or makes a great remedy for dry cracked lips.

If you suffer with dry skin around the eyes or all over you can mix a drop of Bio Oil into your concealer or foundation which makes blending very easy and the skin lovely plumped and dewy looking.

I also love putting a few drops of bio oil into my bath if my skin is feeling drier than usual.


If you aren’t used to using oils on the face please test patch a area first, everybody’s skin type is different and sometimes an oil can be too much for some skin types, myself having a combination skin type I haven’t had any issues, I’ve used coconut oil for cleansing and moisturising so my skin is used to oils, for some people it could cause breakouts so please always test it out first.

Also please avoid using Bio Oil on broken skin.

So there you go, I hope this has been a helpful post, have you tried Bio oil as a facial oil yet? Can you recommend one you use that doesn’t break the bank? I’d love to know!

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