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So if you follow my blog you may have seen my post on the Bravura London Dermaflannel (full review here) which I gave a positive review and I promised more Bravura goodies to come so here goes!

I wanted a really good cleanser and toner for my combination skin type so did some research and found that the first oil cleanse and Purifying Calendula toner would work great for me and my odd spot here and there, I also wanted something that would remove my make up effortlessly and it definitely does just that and more!


Bravura First Cleanse Oil

This is great stuff and after using it for a few weeks to ensure that it worked well for my skin and I can give a honest review I have noticed a lack of breakouts and my skin looking clearer than ever!

What Bravura say…

‘This deep cleansing oil gently removes make-up and impurities without disturbing your natural oil balance. When a little water is added, it turns in to a milky cleanser for quick and easy removal. We have combined natures best, organic cleansing oils and infused them with organic chamomile, lavender and rosemary oil, for a truly soothing and therapeutic experience.’

My Experience

I really like this cleanser, it smells natural and removes my make up like a dream even heavy eye make up and liquid lipsticks, its gentle enough to use around the eye area and because its so effective it means no rubbing or tugging on delicate skin.

I like that I can apply it as an oil straight onto a dry face then activate the milky cleanser option just by adding water, I’ve been using this day and night (evening cleanse I usually cleanse twice if I’ve had make up on that day) followed by the Purifying Calendula toner which I will go on to talk about in more detail.

I know what you’re thinking… how can an oil cleanser possibly be good for combination to oily skin right?

Heres why… combination to oily skins still need moisture, oily skin can still get dehydrated, dry and flaky and although it sounds weird this is quite common, no matter what your skin type this first cleanse oil would suit you.

Ingredients & Benefits

The main oil in this cleanser is Safflower oil, safflower oil contains linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that offers many benefits for skin, Linoleic acid offers powerful dirt and oil removing abilities without aggravating the skin. Coconut and Avocado oils nourish the skin while Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant. Essential oils of Lavender, Chamomile and Rosemary are soothing and purifying.

Purifying Calendula Toner

I like this cleanser, reason being its not too stripping on my skin leaving it tight like most toners I have used in the past, I use this after the first cleanse oil to remove any excess cleanser and dirt on the skin.

What Bravura say…

‘Purifying Calendula Toner is an effective facial astringent recommended for normal and normal to oily skin. Its normalising pH helps to fight bacteria, making it particularly valuable for skin types with partial oiliness and break outs. PH 3.8

This exfoliating facial toner combines the effective exfoliation properties of 10% Glycolic Acid and 3% Lactic Acid with hydrating aloe vera and healing calendula extract. It works to remove the last traces of cleanser, along with dead skin cells and excess oil to leave skin feeling smooth, soft and ready for the next stage in your skincare routine.’

My Experience

I have really noticed since using this toner along with the cleanser of course that I have a lot less dry and flaky areas which would normally be a problem around my nose, it leaves my skin feeling soft clean and refreshed after use and ready for moisturiser.

Ingredients & Benefits

Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid effectively accelerate the exfoliation of the skin’s dead cells to help reduce blemishes and breakouts while also fighting against premature ageing, The 10% content of Calendula extract provides anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, soothing and moisturising properties.

When we cleanse, the PH of our skin naturally gets higher, a high PH creates a breeding ground for bacteria, so by using an acid toner you’re instantly lowering your skin’s PH. The exfoliating action of the toner also means that by removing these dead skin cells, the moisturiser you then apply is going to work a lot more efficiently as it’s reaching your healthy skin, there’s no point moisturising dead skin guys!

So there you have it! I use this cleanser and toner twice a day and my Dermaflannel around twice a week and have noticed a huge difference in the overall feel and look of my skin recently, I love this brand its backstory and ethos, what’s even more amazing is that its totally affordable and has done more for my skin then some of the high end brands I’ve used over the years… definitely something I’m going to stuck with!

For more information on Bravura London please check out my previous post (link at the beginning of this post)or to purchase please visit or click here

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