Sleek Cleopatra’s Kiss Palette

Hey loves,

I love a good highlight especially one you can see from space otherwise what’s the point right?!

I had my eye on the sleek Cleo’s kiss palette since it launched but every time I went to purchase it at my local boots or Superdrug store it was out of stock, so when I saw it the other day I had to snap it up!


This pallete is beautiful to look at it has a luxury feel with its gold outer casing, compact mirror and small brush.

This palette contains four shades;


  • Sphinx a gold/bronze shimmer powder
  • Delta a cream liquid bronze colour
  • Dynasty a cream liquid gold colour
  • Goddess a light gold shimmer powder

Swatch without flash



Swatch with flash


My review

Now I really had high hopes for this palette but I’m going to be completely honest and say that I’m quite disappointed with it, this has nothing to do with the quality or colour pay off at all, its to do with the type of highlight effect it creates, I’m not a fan of glitter although I can tolerate a slight shimmer I found sphinx and goddess far too glittery causing the glitter to move around during the day and resulting in it ending up all over my face (arghhh!) Saying that the cream shades are great and give a subtle highlight but I’m more of a powder kinda girl so was really underwhelmed by the powder shades.

Don’t get me wrong this palette is beautiful if shimmer/glitter is your thing then it’s a definite must have but personally for me it wasn’t a winner, I’ll stick to my trusty The Balm Mary Lou-maniser highlighter for now until I find the ‘one’ (for my review and more info on the Mary Lou-maniser highlighter click here)

You can purchase the sleek Cleopatra’s kiss highlighting palette from Boots or Superdrug both in store and online for more information or to purchase click here

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Spot Be Gone!

Hey guys!

Sorry I’ve been MIA recently I’m settling into a new job so been super busy!

Over the next few weeks I promise to be more active, I have a few things to review and talk about so keep your eyes peeled…

With the temperature dropping fast and winter fast approaching I find my skin suffers to adjust the seasonal change, so Today I want to talk about spots. I’ve been rather lucky and through my teenage years I didn’t suffer with acne other than a few pre menstrual breakouts here and there but nothing to complain too much about.

My skin type is normal/oily and relatively clear but when I get a spot it’s a SPOT! (Usually somewhere great like the tip of my nose or in the middle of my forehead or chin…URGH) up to very recently have been quite painful spots, I’ve pretty much tried everything to get the spot to go down and disappear as quickly as possible but have recently come across a product which has worked wonders and really impressed me so I’d thought I’d share the love!

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Some of you may or may not be familiar with this brand but for a couple years I kept seeing it here and there and I finally thought I’d do some research on the drying lotion in particular as it’s got a great reputation for drying out a spot/spots quickly within a 2-3 days which is amazing!


This drying lotion is a firm favourite of beauty professionals and celebrities like Kate Moss, Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Aniston so I thought I’d give it a try…

How it works

This spot treatment is made with a blend of Calamine and Salicylic Acid, the drying Lotion clears up and soothes unsightly whiteheads overnight without irritating the surrounding skin.

Suitable for all skin types, even those with the most sensitive skin (although please test patch first) the drying Lotion provides immediate relief from break-outs and blemishes, making it a certified skincare must-have product.

How to use

When you look at the bottle it seems tiny but trust me guys a little goes a long way!

The pink solution sits at the bottom of the bottle and the clear on top, you would instantly think you need to shake the bottle but please do not! It needs to remain like this to be effective.


As you can see the pink powder sits at the bottom of the bottle, this is what you need to dip the cotton bud into.


This treatment is best used in the evening after your night time cleanse, simply dip a clean cotton bud into the bottle until it reaches the pink solution at the bottom carefully remove the cotton bud and dab on to the spot, although it’s a gentle product make sure that you consentrate only on the effected area as it is a drying lotion and can cause dryness if using it on larger areas of the skin, then leave to dry.

I usually notice a improvement either the next day or a couple days max depending on how angry the blemish is to begin with, if I feel a spot coming on and can see it I will put some on as soon as possible to try to stop it in its tracks.

I definitely recommend this treatment it’s one of the best spot treatments I’ve tried and I really like how fast it gets to work, if you suffer with mild acne or breakouts this is for you!

I purchased this at urban outfitters but I know it can also be purchased at Beauty bay too, for more info or to purchase click here

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Bravura Dermaflannel Review

Hey loves,

So I’m scrolling through Facebook as you do and I kept seeing this brand Bravura London pop up after seeing it several times I decided to click on the website and have a mooch.

For those who are completely lost right now and have absolutely no idea what and who Bravura is it’s a skincare brand, and boy was I happy that I stumbled across this gem of a brand!

Having recently had a breakout which isn’t usual for my skin, I was looking for something that could deal with blocked pores, exfoliation, dullness and getting my skin as clear as possible, for those of you who are regular visitors to my blog you will know I’m all about getting the most out of your skin and not just relying on make up to cover everything that might be a concern, I’m all about getting to the root cause of the problem…because we all want to feel confident with or without make up right?! that’s when I came across this product called a Dermaflannel.

What is a Dermaflannel?

The Dermaflannel is a beauty breakthrough for anyone who likes the idea of a chemical peel but would rather a more natural treatment.


This easy to use, reusable and chemical free way of achieving deeper exfoliation has a unique weave that sweeps away dead skin cells to reveal soft, glowing skin on the face or the body. The Dermaflannel really is a Facial in a Flannel guys!

Whilst I was researching a little more on this product I found it had great appeal as the list of skin complaints it claims to deal with is quite impressive.

The skin issues it deals with are;

  • Blackheads and Whitheads
  • Acne
  • Mild Acne scars (blemishes not pitted scarring)
  • Age spots
  • Discolorations
  • Dry skin
  • Dull skin
  • Fine lines
  • Red spots
  • Rough uneven skin
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Enlarged pores

Now I must say everyone can at least pick two or more skin complaints from this list! (if not you are lucky and I envy you!)

I was amazed at what this flannel claimed to do, and after sifting through most of the reviews my mind was made up… I NEEDED this Dermaflannel!

What also impressed me was that anything from the Bravura London range is not tested on animals and is environmentally friendly.

Bravura London specialise in AHA’s and BHA’s and were the first company to supply safe percentage chemical peels to use at home, they extensively test all their products to ensure they are effective and deliver the best results.

How to use the Dermaflannel

The instructions on how to use this product are quite specific but don’t let this put you off for the results you get its totally worth it.

  1. For best results use on freshly cleansed skin ensuring you have removed all traces of makeup.
  2. wet the flannel and gently rub the skin in vertical motions avoiding the sensitive eye area, focus on areas that concern you i.e. around the nose, chin and forehead.
  3. Do not rub in circular motions if you have sensitive skin you can use it with a gentle creamy cleanser.
  4. Skin can look a little pink after treatment, this is normal.
  5. Use the flannel a few times a week for the best results.
  6. After each use, use a gentle antibacterial cleanser to hand wash the flannel, do not rub the fibres together or wash in a washing machine with softener as this can alter the life span and effectiveness of the product.


Do not use if you are a regular sunbed user, undergoing laser treatment or have broken capillaries, removing dead skin can increase the skin’s sun sensitivity so always use a moisturiser with a minimum SPF 15.

The Dermaflannel can also be used on tougher areas of the body such as elbows, knees and any dry areas that need smoothing.

Whats great about this brand is that they are there to help you every step of the way, from free online consultations with excellent skincare advisors that will suggest the perfect skincare routine adapted to you and your skincare needs, to in depth step by step instructions on how to use the products and really helpful ‘how to’ videos. Everything you would want or need to know is on the website!

My Results

Within the first week of using this beauty my skin felt amazingly clean and smooth, my pores where smaller and the blackhead area around my nose visibly better, I feel after using this of an evening my skin absorbs my nightime moisturisers and oils a lot easier too.

Over the years I have used high end, DIY and drugstore remedies/products, lotions and potions to try and improve certain issues with my skin, but in just one week I have noticed and feel my skin has made more progress just by using the Dermaflannel and water I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I am with this product!

I am now currently looking into replacing some of my skincare with more Bravura… This Dermaflannel is most definitely something I will continue to use and recommend to everyone I know and what’s even better is it wont leave you broke at £11.99 its worth every single penny!

I purchased my Dermaflannel on the Bravura London website click here to purchase or for more information.

Note: I simplified this review as much as possible to prevent it being too long winded, for any more information on Bravura London, the Dermaflannel or any of their other products please visit the website above for in depth details, videos and consultations.

More Bravura Reviews coming up…Keep an eye out in the next few weeks for more Reviews like this!

I hope you found this review helpful guys any questions feel free to ask!

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Itsy SS16 Nail Polish Review

Hey guys!

With summer 2016 drawing to an end (sob sob) I thought I’d do a colourful SS16 nail polish review!

Being a Manicurist/Nail technician myself I feel that I haven’t blogged much about all things nails and feel its important to find great products not only for professionals to use but nail enthusiasts to use and enjoy at home…

The lovely people at Itsy Nails London have kindly sent me a few polishes from their spring/summer Durapro gel effect collection to review for you guys.

A little about Itsy Nails London

Itsy Nails London was Founded by makeup artist Diana Taguchi and entrepreneur Paul Pannu, they dreamt of creating their own street trend inspired quality nail polishes that didn’t comprise quality for affordability.

Having invested considerable time and effort to develop a highly pigmented Gel effect formula with the latest professional technologies that not only provides salon quality results, but is free of the harsh chemicals that most nail polishes contain, they removed potentially toxic chemicals making Itsy Nails London 5Free from DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor and Formaldehyde Resin, and most importantly cruelty Free what’s not to love!

Itsy Nails London’s formulated DURAPRO Gel effect formula offers a healthier alternative to the very popular professional Gel manicures of late, giving women with little time the same glossy, plumped professional finish without the need for UV lamps or tedious soak-off’s to achieve a perfect home manicure.

Itsy Nails London’s edgy collection is the must have fashion accessory for todays women, fashionistas and beauty/nail enthusiasts whilst being bang on trend, personally for me nails are very much part of an outfit or look we create just like makeup!

Today Itsy Nails London is proud to provide vibrant, highly pigmented, long-lasting, quick-drying, Gel effect nail polishes direct to your doorstep through an experience you’ll enjoy, so lets get to it and review these babies, I’m very excited to do so because I love the fact these are made in Britain!

My Review

The lovely people at Itsy Nails London sent me 3 spring/summer colours to review, a lovely soft yellow called Mellow Yellow, a powdery blue shade called In Deep and lastly a subtle lime green colour called Green With Envy.


First Impressions

The consistency of these polishes makes painting the nails a dream! not too thick and not too runny you get a perfect finish in just two coats ( I always suggest two coats for a longer lasting manicure) the brush is a great size and not too wide or too thin, great for all length and width nails and requires minimal strokes to apply, I like the bottle shape its easy to hold when using it to paint someone else’s nails (usually this would not matter but as a nail tech I pay attention to these details as it can be difficult if the bottle is awkward to hold)


Mellow Yellow


In Deep


Green With Envy

The finish…

Can you believe these nail swatches are without topcoat? Amazing right!? The high shine formula mimics gel nails beautifully.

These polishes are a dream to use, the prices are great and they are quick drying and long lasting giving you around 7 days of high shine, plump looking beautiful nails (this all depends on your nail care routine, topcoat etc.) I will definitely be adding more colours to my ever growing collection!

These polishes retail at £5.99 each with free delivery over £10…For more details on these polishes and to check out the Itsy Nails London website click here

I received these products for reviewing purposes only, all my reviews are based on my honest opinion, I am not paid for these features.

I hope you found this post helpful, I definitely recommend checking these polishes out if you like to paint your nails and a nail enthusiast like me!

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Miracle Multi Use Oil

Hey Lovelies!

Today this post will be focused on a multi use oil, whether its used for face or body, oil can also be used for a number of different things such as dehydrated skin to stretch marks.

I’ve been a user and fan of Bio Oil for a few years now and I’ve recently discovered that it can be used for more that stretch marks and scars!

I’ve been seeing the trend of facial oils growing recently on social media and instead of purchasing an expensive facial oil I thought well why not try out my Bio Oil?

Having been on holiday this summer and the weather being fairly up and down my skin feels a little dehydrated so I thought I would give it a try and it’s worked out great!


Firstly let me tell you a little more about Bio Oil in general…

Bio Oil is generally known for dealing with stretch marks and helping to improve the appearance of scars but did you know that there are plenty of other qualities it also has?

Bio Oil can be used for other skin issues too including the face, I know using an oil can make some people think they can look and feel quite greasy but with bio oil being a thin consistency it soaks straight into the skin leaving it soft, supple and moisturised, it contains PurCellin Oil which reduces the thickness and consistency of the product meaning it can easily be absorbed into the skin, it also contains beneficial ingredients such as vitamins A & E and natural plant oils such as Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary and chamomile.

Benefits and How it can be used

Bio Oil tackles a few common issues if used regularly it can be used for;

  • Uneven skin tone – bio oil can help improve the appearance of pigmentation marks and blemishes caused by hormonal imbalances and excessive sun exposure, use it twice daily massaging into clean skin in circular motions for a minimum of 3 months.
  • Dehydrated skin – helps to regulate the skins natural oil balance which are stripped away from extreme weather conditions, frequent bathing, harsh cleansing and central heating/air conditioning. Apply bio oil after bathing, swimming, sun exposure or cold climates paying attention to drier areas.
  • Aging skin – helps smooth aged and wrinkled skin on both face and body, simply apply to clean skin twice daily massaging in circular motions with fingertips until fully absorbed into the skin.

How I use it

Just like I’ve described above I’ve been using it twice daily massaging into my skin straight after cleansing, if I’m applying it before my makeup I usually wait at least 10-15 mins before I apply my primer, a little oil goes a long way so use sparingly, I’ve also recently discovered by using a tiny amount for my lips once I’ve exfoliated them leaves them nicely prepped for liquid lipsticks or makes a great remedy for dry cracked lips.

If you suffer with dry skin around the eyes or all over you can mix a drop of Bio Oil into your concealer or foundation which makes blending very easy and the skin lovely plumped and dewy looking.

I also love putting a few drops of bio oil into my bath if my skin is feeling drier than usual.


If you aren’t used to using oils on the face please test patch a area first, everybody’s skin type is different and sometimes an oil can be too much for some skin types, myself having a combination skin type I haven’t had any issues, I’ve used coconut oil for cleansing and moisturising so my skin is used to oils, for some people it could cause breakouts so please always test it out first.

Also please avoid using Bio Oil on broken skin.

So there you go, I hope this has been a helpful post, have you tried Bio oil as a facial oil yet? Can you recommend one you use that doesn’t break the bank? I’d love to know!

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Beauty Blender Blunders


Hey Guys,

As you probably know, Beauty Blenders are an amazing tool when applying make up and I swear by mine…but did you know there are common mistakes that are made that can affect the finish of your make up and life span of your beauty blender too?

In this post I will be giving you facts and tips on how to get the most out of your sponge and give it a slightly longer life span.

beauty blender

So what makes the Beauty Blender so different to other make up sponges?

  • The unique tear drop/ egg shape allows you to target small and larger surface areas
  • 360 degrees of edgeless application allows you to create a flawless finish without any harsh lines or streaks the flat edged sponges can leave behind.
  • minimum amount of water retention meaning it only holds what is completely necessary for a seamless easy blending experience.
  • unique super soft material, ensures product sits on top of the sponge surface once used effectively will prevent product wastage
  • latex free.

Make up application

Most people use Beauty blenders to apply their base and although it states that rolling the foundation, bb cream etc into the skin is recommended I find that pressing the foundation into the skin instead makes easier to blend and provides a more flawless finish.

Dampen that sponge!

To get the most out of your sponge you must dampen it before use squeezing out any access water, this helps to create a seamless flawless finish blending the products into the skin with ease, using it dry will create a cakey appearance and your foundation will seap into the sponge causing product wastage.


Keep the little plastic container the beauty blender comes in! This will be a perfect stand to let your sponge sit in after use and prevent it picking up bacteria inside a make up bag or drawer, also wait until the sponge is completely dry and has shrunk back to its original size before placing into the container with the lid on to prevent mould or bacteria forming.

Don’t apply foundation directly onto sponge

Although I have watched this being done over and over on YouTube tutorials its not something I would recommend, applying the foundation to the back of the hand first and then distributing over the face with warm fingers and blending out with the beauty blender is a much effective way of making sure your base is even and not wasting any foundation.

Maintaining a Beauty Blender

Just how you would wash your brushes often to prevent Bacteria breeding, your sponge needs regular cleaning.

I wash mine every few days minimum once a week, you can purchase their branded cleanser or I use a gentle anti bacterial face wash, I then leave it to air dry on top of the container it comes with this will prolong the overall lifespan of your sponge.

So there you are ! Even though some of the tips seem quite obvious I hope this post helps anyone that’s a proud owner or a fan of the Beauty Blender or thinking about purchasing one, these are just tips and tricks I have found work for me, if you use your beauty blender differently and it works fine for you then continue to do so, Beauty Blenders don’t come cheap this post was simply how to get the most out of your blender and possibly prolong the life span of it.

So treat it carefully and happy blending!

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Benefit’s They’re Real Dupe!

Hey Loves,

I’m a big mascara fan as I’m all about lashes, I can easily spend a fortune on a mascara and I’m still trying to find the ‘one’ I don’t really like spending a lot of money on mascaras because they are one product that have a short life span, I’ve used so many in the past that have promised great results and have been left disappointed.

Drug store mascaras are just as good and a fraction of the price, if your willing to find the right one for you and what you want to achieve.

Doing some browsing I came across a budget mascara from the Boots brand Seventeen that promised to deliver great results, the mascara is Seventeen falsifeye HD and looks very similar if not nearly identical to the Benefit They’re real mascara!


This mascara is a great dupe for The Benefit They’re Real mascara, a cult beauty favourite without the big price tag and this is why…  It’s plastic comb like wand works a dream to separate, lengthen and darken the lashes the formula is not too wet which I prefer and it doesn’t clump, the wands aren’t identical but deliver the same results.


Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara Wand


Seventeen’s Falsifeye’s HD

So… I may have found the one guys! if you’re a fan of Benefit’s they’re real mascara I recommend you try this out! Usually £6.99 at Boots but currently on offer for £3.99 it won’t break the bank and will deliver similar if not the same results!

I purchased The Falsifeye HD in the shade blackest/black but there is also a brown/black shade available.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful, have you tried this mascara did it work for you? Do you have a recommendation of your own favourite mascara I’d love to know!

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Prime Time!

Hey guys,

Sooo… I’ve finally jumped on the Nivea post shave balm as a primer hype!

I know I know I’m late but I was skeptical about this when I first heard the hype and excitement surrounding it, I still had a couple primers I was testing out so decided to wait a while and well I finally tried it and WOW!


Nivea Men’s post shave balm as a primer you say? How does it work?

Here’s why…

Nivea post shave balm contains glycerin which enables make up to adhere to the skin and lock in moisture.

The thin gel like texture feels cooling on the skin, it has a subtle aftershave smell but this disappears quickly, because it is designed for post shaving it also contains no alcohol which is great if you have slightly sensitive skin.

I noticed my make up application was going on alot smoother and looked as fresh and flawless through the day as when I first applied it.

I have tried a few primers, most of them being quite pricey but I can honestly say hands down that this is the best primer I have ever used and is inexpensive so it’s a win, win!

Have you tried this as a primer yet? If not you really should!

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Tan Boosters

Hey Loves,

Whether your about to jet off into paradise or holiday blues have hit you hard a tan always makes things better, I love the healthy, glowing look you get when you’re on holiday so today’s post is about prolonging the tan you have or getting that holiday pre glow!

To say I’m a little obsessed with maintaining or prolonging my tan lately is an understatement!

So with that being said I thought I’d write up a post about it all and my go to products to achieve and maintain that glow life…

Todays post is about St Tropez Gradual tan in shower in golden glow medium and Lancaster Tan Maximizer.



St Tropez Gradual tan in shower In medium

I love this stuff!

I recieved this as a 50 ml free gift when I ordered another item from Boots. I loved it so much I purchased the full size which is 200ml, I’m not a fake tan user because being of a mixed raced decent and having an olive skin tone I feel there’s not much point but I have to say I’m impressed as this gives a lovely sunkissed glow, perfect for fair skins if you’re about to jet off or like a healthy bronzed look all year round.


With my skin currently being quite tanned but steadily fading (sob sob!) I’ve noticed a nice colour building up on my skin tone, I’m finding this product perfect at prolonging my tan and it works gradually so shower with it everyday for the best bronzed results, if you’re fair skinned try the light shade or use it only a few times a week, It also doesn’t transfer onto clothes, bed sheets and towels so that’s a major bonus.

This product foamed nicely and I loved the soapy smell! With it being a self tan I thought it wouldn’t smell great, I’ve heard a lot of fake tanners making people smell like biscuits hehe and who wants to smell like a hob nob right?!

I didn’t have any problem with streaking at all it seems pretty even once its applied in shower and its so easy! Simply massage into the skin in circular motions until foamy and leave there for 3 mins then wash off and pat dry. Easy peasy…

Lancaster Tan Maximizer

I purchased this on the plane it caught my eye in the duty free mag, so I thought I’d give it a try as I will do anything to keep hold of a tan for longer! This was a dream to use, the smell the texture everything!


This soothing moisturiser and repairing aftersun is tan prolonging it can be used on both face and body and it is approximately a months supply

How it works & what they say

This claims to prolong your tan up to one month with its new generation tan Maximizer repairing and tan prolonging after Suns.

Reinforced tan activator complex (TAC) developed for a prolonged natural melanin release in the skin to boost the tan like you were still in the sun.

Ultra soothing and hydrating formula helps skins natural recovery process after sun exposure and reduce risk of peeling leaving skin supple and smooth.

Results: your tan is more intense, luminous, even.

My Results 

I really like this stuff the smell is gorgeous has a lovely gel/ creamy formula which is cooling and moisturising on the skin but not oily.

I did peel… but not a lot and not straight away, it was sort of a delayed, once I did peel my tan was surprisingly still intense, unlike other times I’ve peeled I would lose colour so it does work for that purpose and I’m impressed.

The only thing I wished is this product was a bigger size, it’s only a months supply at 125ml but I was expecting a bigger bottle for the price I paid, it did last me just over a month a little goes a long way but only because I used it sparingly and made sure I stretched it out.

I purchased the St Tropez Gradual tan in shower at Boots for more information or to purchase click here

I purchased the Lancaster Tan Maximizer whilst on board my return flight via duty free but you can purchase it on amazon here

So there you have it… These two products have kept me living that glow life, I really recommend them if your in to having and prolonging a lovely tan.

If you haven’t already please follow me for more posts and tips like this.

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Colourpop obsession continued…

Hey Guys!

If your a regular visitor to my blog you’ll know I’m a fan of colourpop liquid lipsticks, although I haven’t bought any in a while I caved in a bought 2 more recently only because they are different formulas and I wanted to try them out… Oops!


I usually go for the matte ones but this time I opted for a satin finish and metallic finish to try and I’m not disappointed!


The colour I went for this time are warm shades I went for Zebra in the metallic finish and Tansy in the satin finish.


Left: Zebra, Right: Tansy in natural daylight

FullSizeRender (72)

Left: Zebra, Right: Tansy with flash




I love these shades! Although they look quite dark they aren’t really and suit tanned skin tones nicely.

Lasting power

The reason why I love colourpop liquid lipsticks is because of the staying power how ever sometimes I find the matte formulas to be a bit drying so I was really impressed with how the satin finish & metallic looked they stayed put and felt comfortable all day, very small areas of reapplication were needed after eating the same as the matte formulas but this doesn’t bother me, before my makeup routine after my cleanse I put a small amount of Rose & Co Salve on my lips which I’ve spoken about in a previous post please feel free have a read…

Generally I don’t use oils on my lips before applying these lipsticks because this will effect the longivity and wear of them however I use coconut oil to remove them and I find it very effective.

Unfortunately colourpop products aren’t sold in the UK but have recently started shipping internationally… yaay! I tend to usually purchase mine from trusted sellers on eBay that way I’m not paying for expensive international shipping and I get my hands on them quicker!


To check out my previous blog posts on my other favourite matte Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks, click here and for the Colourpop Rehab Required post click here

Have you tried any colourpop lipsticks yet? Do you have any favourite products from colourpop you recommend? I’d love to hear !

Please make sure you follow if you haven’t already so you don’t miss out on future posts, in the meantime you can get social with me on…

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